Down Alternative Comforter vs Down Comforter: Things You Must-Know

Want to have a warm and comfortable sleep? It becomes easy if you have a good-quality comforter. The popular type is the down comforter, which is made of duck or goose feathers. But should you want an equally great but more affordable version of it, you may opt to buy yourself a down alternative.

Down alternative comforters are made of synthetic materials that mimic down. While down comforters are warmer and more breathable, best down alternative comforters are more affordable. They are likewise safer for those who are suffering from allergies.


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Types of Down Alternative Comforters (What is down alternative comforter made of)

There are several types of down alternative comforters. Here are some of the popular ones:


Silk is a great choice for users who would like to enjoy a luxurious experience. Apart from that, it is also hypoallergenic and durable. It is light and breathable, making its users feel comfortable.



This material is known for regulating body heat; therefore, users can also rely on it to keep their heartbeats stable. And just like silk comforters, wool comforters are actually hypoallergenic. They also have the capacity to eliminate the body’s dampness.


This material is made from 80 percent goose and 20 percent Syriaca clusters. A hypodown comforter is hotter and more breathable and resilient compared to other down alternative comforters.


Polyester is a common material used to create down alternative comforters. A polyester comforter is less expensive than a regular one. Take note, however, that it is not as durable as genuine down comforters.


If you want an extremely soft material, it is best to opt for a PrimaLoft comforter. It is comparable to a goose down comforter, and it is actually more resilient. It may be a bit costly, but it is definitely worth every buyer’s money.

There you have it — the different types of alternative down comforters. Which do you think could cater to your needs? Take a closer look at each type before making a choice. Or better yet, feel free to do more research to learn more about the other types of down alternative comforters.


Down Alternative vs. Genuine Down Comforters

Although both down and down alternative comforters are designed to serve the same purpose, each has distinct features. To give you a clear view of the similarities, differences, and best features of both types of comforters, here are some factors that can help you compare the two:


Real down comforters are made from goose or duck down and guaranteed to last long; and for that, they command a high price. Because of this, some people prefer to purchase down alternative comforters. With the same look and insulation, down alternative is a better option at less the price.

High-quality down comforters are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Alternative down comforters may last for a couple of years but won’t equal the lifespan of the real down comforter. Over the years, it may wear out and won’t stay in good shape.


Both down and down alternative comforters offer the same degree of warmth. However, the synthetic one is slightly heavier to equal the insulation offered by the real one. If you prefer lightweight bedding, a real down comforter is for you. The air trapped between the down provides warmth and allows the comforter to breathe so resting beneath it is more relaxing.

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Health concerns

Since real down comforters aren’t machine washed, it can cause an asthma attack. For that reason, people prone to allergies prefer down alternative comforters.

In addition to health issues, the odor is another major concern. Duck down has a somewhat queer odor, while goose down and synthetic down are odorless. If you insist on buying a real down comforter, check the label to see if your prospective item is made of goose or duck down.


Real down comforters aren’t washed in water, but dry cleaned instead. This can lead to dust build-up on the inside.

The synthetic ones are machine washable, so the maintenance is easier and more convenient. However, washing may lead to shrinkage. Also, some synthetic fibers fall off due to frequent washing. It is best to consider the purpose of the comforter and care instructions before you make a choice.

Down and down alternative comforters each has their pros and cons. To make a wise choice, consider longevity, price, maintenance, and a lot more factors that matter to you.

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There you have it — some basic facts about down alternative comforters. This type of comforter has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but it could definitely be a great buy for you depending on your wants and needs.

Every buyer has a different set of requirements that a down alternative may or may not meet, so it is important to be certain about your personal condition and preferences before purchasing one.


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