Why Do I Kick In My Sleep Without Consciousness?

Have you ever noticed your unusual actions during sleep? It may relate to REM behavior disorder and causes some dangerous problems that you might not know.

Kicking, hitting, punching and walking around your room during deeply sleeping do exist in not only your mind but also real life. Does it amaze you? These actions are one of the signs of REM (rapid eye movement) behavior disorder which sometimes creates several violent events.

Let’s check and find more useful information below to learn who could get it and how to treat this disorder.

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What Is Rem Behavior Disorder?

You can easily classify the actions such as punching or kicking while sleeping  without control or consciousness into the group of a violent item.

Unusual actions cause some dangerous problems during sleep

It is a sign of REM – a sleep behavior disorder related to brain diseases. Specifically, a series of complex and powerful motor behaviors in REM sleep has a remarkable effect of expressing a dream.

Each person’s sleep is divided into five main stages and the fifth, also known as REM, is very important to create perfect and healthy sleep.

For a normal person, while sleeping, the body will temporarily fall into paralysis, leading to immobility and seldom moving even though dreams appear throughout REM phase.

In contrast to those who act like kicking, moving around the bedroom space, this temporary paralysis did not occur and allowed movement while sleeping.

The Reasons Behind These Actions

You will probably be curious about the causes of those symptoms. The answer might not meet your expectation because, until now, scientists have not yet identified all exact reasons why someone gets this disorder.

Nearly 60% of behavioral disorders in REM sleep are unexplained. Some cases associated with neuropathy such as decline, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, brain stem cancer, atrophy of the brain stem. 15% of Parkinson’s patients experience behavioral disorders during REM sleep and often occur before Parkinson’s diagnosis.

REM sleep behavior disorders may be transient, secondary to poisoning, or by metabolism such as alcohol withdrawal, may be associated with HLA antigens.

In the latest studies, researchers found that people who have REM sleep behavior disorder are more likely to suffer from psychological distress, post-traumatic stress disorder or any mental illness forms.

Also, it is said that due to damage to the brain system which plays a role in controlling normal muscle atony during REM sleep, combined with increased movement leading to the stronger activity of the Dopaminergic mechanism.

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Do All Of Us Will Have To Suffer From This Disorder?

Luckily, the answer here is not all of us. It can cause serious injury for both dreamers and their bed partners. However, men are at risk more than women.

REM behavior disorder affects the sleep of both dreamers and people around.

According to age groups, middle-aged and seniors are believed to be at the highest risk. There is also a gender difference because there have been many documented cases of this disorder affecting men.

REM behavioral disorders only affect less than 1 percent of the population. However, more than 90 percent of people with REM behavior disorder is male, usually over 50 years old. It does not happen in women and children commonly. This sleep disorder is most relevant to older men.

It is related to  Parkinson’s disease, and it usually occurs before Parkinson’s. Then within three years, REM behavior disorder can form Parkinson’s disease. These similar brain structures may involve both conditions and severely affected. The frequency of these symptoms increases and makes health worse.

Treatments And Precaution

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so let’s take a look to know what are proper treatments and precautions right here.

If anyone is experiencing these symptoms, it is essential to seek treatment. According to the US National Sleep Organization, doctors can prescribe medication to help reduce violent behavior.

The doctor can help based on the patient’s condition to provide the right prescription.

There are usually two levels of prescription for this sleep disorder. A low dose of clonazepam (Klonopin) from a benzodiazepine is usually used before the patient goes to sleep, which reduces symptoms in about 90 percent of patients. Besides, Melatonin is also used as a natural substitute for the above prescription and has the same effect.

The use of the drug is sometimes ineffective for the remaining 10% of patients, so it is vital to make a safe sleeping environment for patients where sharp objects such as knives, scissors, and other easily-broken objects like glass, the mirror needs to be removed.

In addition, The lottery needs to be tightened to prevent patients from going out like in movies. The placement of mattresses or blankets around the bed makes landing easier and less painful for these patients.

Because as mentioned above, this disorder will get worse if not treated early. Therefore, when you find that you have some signs of this disease, you should meet sleep experts.

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The Problem Is Solved

Some unusual actions such as punching, walking, nudging your hands and feet while sleeping can be a sign of a sleep disorder that leads to some serious neurological diseases, not as simple as we think. We should not ignore these symptoms. I hope this article gives you the answer you were looking for and goes someway to answering: ‘Why am I kicking in my sleep?’

 Source: Amazing Bed Zone