Why Do I Wake up at 4 Am Every Day?

If suddenly waking up in the middle of the night frequently burns energy in the morning and makes you feel tired, the article below deserves to take your time to follow immediately.

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Waking up at Midnight Is Considered Normal?

Negative energy sources gradually accumulate in the body when you lose sleep about something, which can make you feel extremely lethargic, always tired, and then you are unable to concentrate on work and enjoying your life.

Be tossing and turning all night

As a result, work cannot be completed, because your mind insists on resting. Let’s find a few typical causes of sleep deprivation.

According to Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep researcher, people will experience 3 to 4 sleep cycles per night. When a cycle ends, sleep becomes more flicker, and you can wake up and often fall asleep soon after.

When you can’t sleep right away, the problem becomes more difficult. If you wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake, this may be a sign of health problems.

Is Waking up at a Fixed Time Frame Every Night Dangerous?

Firstly, if you wake up at night at regular intervals, don’t worry. This may be a sign that you have a healthy and safe sleep cycle. Many people find that they often wake up between 4 and 6 hours after falling asleep.

However, you often suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness day by day, and no matter how hard you try to sleep, you are still tossing and turning all night. It’s time you should pay more attention to find the real reason behind it.

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The Reason Prevents You From Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Some people think of mysteriously spiritual connections that make them wake up at midnight, but we should let science helps us to have a better understanding of the sleep mechanism to know what our body really needs.

You Are Too Stressed Out

A hard working day with dozens of unfinished requests, and when you return home, the work still haunts you. Lying on the bed and struggling to think about what happened that absolutely keeps you being stressed.

So, the brain tends to affect sleep. It leads to startling waking at midnight as well. When we think about it, we’re going to put our brains in a “world of war”, and as a result, you can’t sleep well.

Stress prevents you from having a good sleep

Worst Food For Sleep

An important hormone in regulating sleep is melatonin. Melatonin increases gradually in the body causing fatigue and drowsiness about 2 hours before you go to sleep then gradually decreases until you wake up.

Melatonin works in reverse with cortisol, a hormone that causes stress to the body. In fact, you will sleep when melatonin increases, cortisol decreases.

If the body’s cortisol level is too high, especially at the end of the day, it can negatively affect sleep and wake you up unexpected time. The daily food we consume contributes significantly to the excitement that makes the brain more sensitive.

Foods that make us difficult to sleep include:

  • Trans fat, fat requires a lot of time to fully metabolize.
  • Processed vegetable oils and foods’ preservatives such as safflower oil, palm oil, and canola oil. First, this vegetable oil is often oxidized very quickly. Oxidation is a form of animal fat. When the oil enters the body and begins to be metabolized by the body, the body starts the process of igniting the energy.

These oils also often contain a lot of toxic substances. Especially, using them before going to bed will make the body need time to completely transform them.

  • Juices and yogurt, this is good food for the body, but they contain lots of sugar, making the body unable to sleep deeply.
  • Alcoholic drinks, we often think alcoholic drinks help relieve stress and sleep better. However, this drink is more harmful to the body than you think. It makes you startle awake in the middle of your sleep cycle and increase your body’s cortisol.
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Use Electronic Devices Before Sleeping

Modern technology helps us to link social networks, and entertain, and we watch movies such as 24/24 TV series very conveniently. However, it is accompanied by negative effects on the brain’s ability to regulate sleep optimally.

Light from phone screens, computers, and televisions has strong blue light energy. The brain often reacts to this kind of light like we experience the sun’s light at noon.

Blue light can adjust the circadian rhythm, so leaving your eyes exposed to this light from electronic devices before you sleep may inadvertently make your brain think that this moment is earlier than it intended, accidentally affecting your circadian rhythms and your sleep quality.

In general, waking up in the middle of the night can be a good sign of a normal sleep cycle and can also be a warning for problems that your health is having a problem. Please rely on the above signs and causes to take care of your own sleep health properly.

Source: Amazing Bed Zone